Get To Know The 'It's 7AM Somewhere' Fam!

Get To Know The 'It's 7AM Somewhere' Fam!

Hello fellow bruncher and friend. We are so pumped that you are here and reading our very first blog post! Can you tell we’re excited!? We’d first like to welcome you with a virtual high five and say thank you for stopping by our little corner of the Internet. It means a lot to us!

We wanted our first blog post to be an introduction of sorts, since we may not have met in person.

Our names are Kyle and Edd, and we are the co-owners of It’s 7am Somewhere Food Truck. We are a Minneapolis-based food truck that serves all day brunch. Yeah, you heard that right. 

All. Day. Brunch. 

Now, before we dive into how this food truck got started in the first place, we thought you’d like to get to know us a little more as individuals. So here we go…

Meet Kyle Nichols

Army veteran, bearded wonder, and champion of countless “world’s best uncle” awards. Kyle grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, went to school at UMD, and then he joined the Army at 22. After serving a tour in Iraq and living in North Carolina for a few years, he moved back to Minneapolis where he began his career in the service industry. Over his years in the industry Kyle worked almost every job there is, from busboy to general manager, he’s done it all. On his off days he enjoys golf with his buddies, traveling with his fiancé, and spending time with his nieces and nephews.

Why did you want to start a food truck? 

“It was always a childhood dream of mine to own my own business and be my own boss. And since I’ve done every job there is in the service industry, I figured why not?“

Current Menu Favorite?

“Melt of 10,000 Steaks, but Don’t Cha Know Poutine is a close second.”

(Get A Copy Of Our Menu Here)

Meet Edd Devine

Award-winning chef, author, and avid Pokémon Goer. Chicago born and Minnesota raised, Edd grew up bouncing around the Minneapolis metro area. After finishing high school, he attended LeCordon Bleu Culinary School and began his journey as a professional chef. Once graduated from culinary school, he made his way up to the North Shore where he worked at a resort, perfecting his cooking skills, over the next five years. When he made his way back down to the Minneapolis area, Edd worked at a handful of restaurants ever evolving his craft and eventually became the business owner you see today! On his off days he enjoys eating at new restaurants & playing foodie with his fiancé, reading a good book while cuddling with his dog Sadie, and coming up with new creative ways to reinvent food. 

Why did you want to start a food truck? 

“I was really burnt out on having to answer to others and wanted the creative freedom to be my own boss. I want to feed my curiosity, not starve it.”

Current Menu Favorite? 

“North Star Breakfast Sandwich, also with the Poutine as a close second.”

(Get A Copy Of Our Menu Here)

So what’s the truck’s story? How did this Business come about? What made you guys decide on brunch?

We met working at a bar together in downtown Minneapolis. Kyle was a bartender and Edd was the chef. This was when Kyle first had his mind completely blown by Ed’s cooking abilities. After many long shifts, deep conversations, and who knows how many shots of whiskey later, we became very close friends. 

Two years of working together, the bar eventually shut down and we were forced to go our separate ways. This did not break the friendship though. We would meet up on a monthly basis to catch up and chat over whiskey and beer.

As the months went on we found we kept coming back to the same question, and that was ”What if we started our own food business?” Once we realized that we were coming back to that same conversation over and over again, it was apparent that it was time to put up or shut up. 

We immediately began our homework and started making moves. We’ll save you all the boring research mumbo-jumbo, but we eventually landed on a food truck being the best option for us. 

Did you know that before we started It’s 7AM Somewhere, there wasn’t a single brunch food truck in MN? Yeah, blew our minds too! We saw there was a gap in the market and jumped at the opportunity. Also, it doesn’t hurt that brunch is the shiznit no matter what time of day. 

Are we wrong? 

So, here we are. Ready to serve you brunch whenever your hungry heart desires. We work hard so you can brunch harder. 

So that’s basically us in a nutshell! Just two MN dudes that decided to start a food truck! We look forward to giving you guys weekly content and serving you in the ways we know best. Hope this helped you get to know us a little better and we can’t wait to (hopefully) meet you in person. 

Stay amazing, friend. 

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