Menu Breakdown: North Star Breakfast Sandwich

Menu Breakdown: North Star Breakfast Sandwich

Welcome back to week four of our new blog series! Missed last week’s post? No problem! Get all the caught up by clicking here.

Yep, you guessed it! We’re doing another menu breakdown this week. Grab a napkin because you’re about to be drooling over our North Star Breakfast Sandwich. The North Star Breakfast Sandwich is a staple menu item here at It’s 7AM Somewhere. This Badass B sells out almost every time we have it on the truck. 

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If you aren’t yet aware, Chef Edd knows what the hell he’s doing when it comes to pumping out some damn good food! The North Star Breakfast Sandwich is no exception!

Not only is it SO EFFIN GOOD, but also, what isn’t fun about a waffle sammie, right!?

We know you’re a savvy bruncher and like to be well informed of your breakfast foods, so lets get to know this bad boy…

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Step One: The Waffle.

Chef Edd’s homemade waffle batter makes the fluffiest dang waffles you’ve ever experienced! Prior to building the sammie, we give the waffle a little dip in the deep-fryer so that shit can melt in yo mouth!

Step Two: The Ham.

Starting with the meat… Two thick-ass slices of Cherry Wood Smoked Ham fried up on the flat top and charred to perfection layin’ down the base of your sammie.

Step Three: The Eggs.

What’s a breakfast sammich without eggs, right? Next, we load you up with some freshly scrambled eggs seasoned with salt and pepper.

Step Four: The Cheese.

Cheese is awesome. You know it, we know it. You best know we’re add some aged cheddar cheese to melt atop the eggs.

Step Five: The 7AM Sauce.

That yellow sauce you didn’t realize you’ve been missing your whole life. Chef Edd’s Secret 7AM Sauce is a creamy, savory sauce with a little bite to it! We drizzle this shizzle over everything and if that’s not art, we don’t know what is…

(Get A Copy Of Our Menu Here)

Grab yo’self some syrup or hell, some more 7AM sauce and go to town!

That’s all we have for you this week! If you’re hungry for more, feel free to read our other posts by clicking here!

Thinking of brunching with us soon? Download our printable menu here.

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